OneBlock is a unique take on IJAminecraft's popular survival map: OneBlock. Players have to survive on a single block, which appears to be magic. You start on a single grass block in the void. Your only option Mine it. 


As you progress by mining away you will notice that your count starts to go up(can be checked with /ob count). As your count goes up you will enter different phases. There are 11 phases in total and once you finish the last you will start from the beginning again, continuing your progress. The phases are as follows: Plains, Underground, Winter, Ocean, Jungle, Swamp, Dungeon, Desert, The Nether, Plenty, Desolation, and The End. Each phase features a set of bocks, items, and mobs appropriate for the setting.


As you start dealing with more difficult Mobs, you may find yourself wanting to build up some defenses. A word of caution to avoid frustration...When a mob spawns the amount of space it requires to spawn is cleared away a split second before it spawns. If you are finding your defenses broken the moment a mob spawns, this is why. The fix here is easy, as long as you have the supplies. Just move your defenses back some and increase ceiling height. Consider what Mobs you will see in each phase before settling on a defense system. If you are struggling for ideas, use /ob visit to look at other islands for inspiration on how to best handle your defenses.



/ob sethome
Sets your home location for your Island.

Teleport to your box. Will create a new island if you do not have one

/ob setname <name>
Change the name of your island. The name is shown viewing the /ob visit menu

/ob controlpanel
Access to almost all controls related to your island. Including settings around ranks and what controls visitors have

/ob visit
Opens a GUI so you can view all islands. Can be sorted by Online, Visit-able, or All. If you do not wish to have your box visitable, you can disable this by going to your controlpanel and choosing settings(Lava Bucket).

/ob team
Shows you a list of who is on your team and what role/rank they hold

/ob team trust <playername>
Grants trust to specified player. By default a trusted player can do everything in your island you can except for edit settings or use Ender Pearls. This can be changed by going to your control panel and choosing settings(Lava Bucket). Both players keeps his personal island.

/ob team invite <playername>
This command does the same as the trust, except the player joining abandon's their Island. The player that is invited will also have to accept with /ob team accept. They will be warned that by accepting they will forfeit their island and everything there. Use the /ob team accept command again to accept the disclaimer and join your friend.

/ob team accept
This command is used by the invited player from the command above.

/ob team leave
This command is also used by the invited player if they decide they no longer want to participate in the team island. After using this command, you will have to use /ob to create a new island for yourself!

Shows the server selector Menu

Opens the Friends GUI. From here you can create parties and accept friend requests

/friends add <playername>
This sends a friend request to chosen player. This can also be accomplished by crouch+right click on the chosen player.

Opens GUI to hide other players. These players still exist but you will not see them anymore. Remember to check this if you are having difficulty finding a friend.